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Highly Recommend
"This was my first time with Leslie, who came highly recommended by a friend. Leslie was able to get me in for a quick 30-min. appointment to address some pain. I appreciated so much about Leslie: her empathy, intuitiveness, insight and skill. She was also very generous with her time and knowledge. Going back for the soonest hour appointment I could book! "  Tammy A.

Excellent Massage
"A good friend recommended Leslie. I'm recovering from a broken ankle and broken arm due to a bad bike accident. She was able to release tension in my shoulders and neck. Leslie was gentle with my injuries and gave me pain relief. " Linda Pepper

The Best
"Leslie is amazing - she can tell which spots are causing me trouble and is consistently able to work out the trigger spots. She is caring and professional. Her massages are an important part of my wellness regime."   Kathy Lemmon

Leslie has really helped me out of what has felt like an impossible place.
"As an adult I have felt very stuck in my past that contained many intense situations, confusion, anxiety and abuse. I have often felt completely lost and numb to myself, without a safe place to heal and without knowing how to begin to live again. My EFT sessions with Leslie are a miracle and a gift from God. Sometimes we don't know what our prayers really are until they are answered. In between sessions, I now have easy to apply tools to help me anytime, anywhere. I whole-heartedly recommend EFT with Leslie to anyone that is ready to experience more confidence, beauty, peace and joy in their life!"  K.S.

Why I Keep Coming Back
"Leslie is my go-to for body work because she delivers such good results. I hadn't been in to see her in a year, and a tight place in my thigh brought me in. She fixed it! "  P.S.

Visit on 4/5/2021
"I saw Leslie today. I was having stabbing back pain which was greatly relieved after an hour of her magic. She is so extremely knowledgeable that she just keeps trying different techniques until she solved my problem. Simply amazing how much better she made me feel."  Laurie Schmidt

Life changing! 
"This has been one of the most uplifting, enlightening, and healing gifts I have given myself. Having Leslie provide energy work has cleared pathways I didn't realize were blocked, I felt off, not clear in thoughts / emotions, neck & shoulder tension. She has provided me with enlightenment on the different body systems that can cause you to feel out of sorts not only emotionally but physically as well. The work she has done for me has been remarkable." T.W.

Feeling Better
"I saw Leslie for the first time this past week - highly recommended by a friend. I often have joint pain and stiffness. Leslie found the trigger points of my pain and the massage was so helpful. I came home feeling so much better. Thank you Leslie! "  Kathy L.

Excellent massage therapy!
"Leslie is intuitive, caring, and extremely talented at what she does. She knew what I needed in my body and where, and she accompanied the massage with helpful information that I could take into my daily life to care for my body and my spirit. Thank you, Leslie - you are wonderful! " Chrissy A.

Always perfect!
"COVID safe and very appreciative of that. Leslie always pays attention to the areas that need fixing and I so appreciate that. Her knowledge base is also informative."  Andie L.

A wonderful experience!
"Leslie was very informative and had a knack for finding the spots on your body that needs attention. Excellent massage and her bodyworks techniques are topnotch. It was exactly what I was looking for in a therapist."  Chuck B.

Myofascial Release for Amazing Results!
"If you're looking for even more than just a relaxing massage (it's that too), but also something that fixes issues and leaves you feeling great much longer than other massages treatments, look no further. Leslie is amazing at what she does, and really listens to what you share with her about what's going on in your body so she can address it. Myofascial release has done wonders for me - highly recommend! " Darcie O.

Cleaning out mental clutter
"Leslie helped me to seek out and reprogram that place where stress manifests into physical chaos. To use my own words while using tapping technique to not accept or give energy to any physical invasion or discomfort and to look at the end goal rather than the bumps along the way of my journey. Also the kinesiology and pelvic adjustments she administered brought relief from the pain I was experiencing prior and got me back on track and on point."  Kenny Lee Lewis

"I found Leslie to be very perceptive and empathetic. She taught me a lot about my body and my soul. I am looking forward to my next appointment with her."  Jane Monroe

"I am a new client of Leslie's and was very pleased with the hour massage. She was thorough and attentive and communicative."  Jim R.

Working with the whole person
"I appreciate Leslie's ability to see how the physical and emotional aspects of being are interwoven and to work with me as a whole person, not just an injured shoulder. She is knowledgeable about the meridian system which she uses to enhance her skills as a massage therapist, intuitively knowing what is needed. She is also respectful of boundaries and does not impose any agendas. I feel better after each session, more in tune with my body. I highly recommend Leslie to all my friends! "  Mary S.

Next-level body work
"Leslie's experience, education and intuition are what sets her practice apart. She truly has a gift for creating positive change in the mind-body-mind connection. I believe we often take for granted how significant it can affect our overall wellness, and Leslie has the ability to identify areas that need attention and make corrections. Whether you are seeking traditional muscle therapy, energy work, eastern practice, or all of the above, I highly recommend trying her services."   Stacey R.

Overall Wellness
"What I love about Leslie is her concern for my overall wellness. Her massages are incredible but along with that she shows me how my emotions affect areas of my body and how addressing them both mentally and physically (through massage) has a very positive result. She IS the best!!!"   Margaret Montgomery

Therapeutic and Intellectual
"Leslie is a 5-star therapist. I am a 50-year-old swimmer and weekend warrior. Leslie‘s therapeutic massages and counsel have kept me at my best and helped me understand what my body is telling me. I’m learning about the energy balancing side of her practice, something I find intriguing."  Doug S.

The Most Wonderful Massage Ever!
"Leslie is truly gifted in massage and whole body work! I haven’t had such a complete and total body alignment ever! I would love to be able to see her monthly!"  H.Z.

Meridian and Energy Work
"What an exceptional experience! We really needed a local who can help balance our energy meridians. I have seen Leslie for energy balance due to ill health for 4 weeks now. She has an amazing intuition and insight. By using varying techniques, she has been able to tap into things that I have never thought of.  As a result, I feel her guidance has led me to better health. Whether for health or emotional reconditioning, I highly recommend her treatments to anyone who needs an energy lift."   S.H.

Definitely Recommend
"Definitely recommend, Leslie. Better then all the 7 different massage places I have been to in the county. Explains what she is doing and very thorough, and knowledgeable."  Raven W.

Make an Appointment today!!!!
"First session was super educational. I felt so much “lighter”!! I highly recommend you try “Energy in Motion”! You will be pleasantly surprised at how your body reacts!!!"   S.G.

Intuitive Massage
"Leslie helped me identify the emotional elements causing my injuries so that I can fix them. Without knowing me she was able to pinpoint so many things that rang true with me. I grabbed a stack of cards to pass along and plan to be back." Elizabeth Leopard

Amazing as Always
"This massage was post-marathon. My body was actually feeling good, but I had come down with a head cold the day of my marathon. Leslie flushed out the last bits of the marathon and focused on a wellness massage for the cold. Felt horrible that evening, but the next day the cold was almost gone! Thank you Leslie!"  Lynne A.

Restoring mobility
"Leslie Cotham is not only a studied practitioner of the healing arts, but also spiritually and psychologically tuned into the patient's needs. The multiple problems going on in my right knee are hard for conventional medicine to arrive at a prognosis. Leslie is able to manipulate 15-20% increased mobility and pain relief every session. I highly recommend her services." Kenny Lewis

Talented Massage Therapist
"Leslie really cares about her clients and their issue(s). She asks a lot of questions to determine what is going on so that she can provide the best treatment for the problem. She tries various techniques from different philosophies. She is a talented, dedicated massage therapist, although it can be hard to get an appointment quickly, because she is so popular. " L.S.

"Excellent service and attention to specific needs. Was able to fit me in on a tight schedule! Lovely massage and atmosphere. Incredibly knowledgeable of the body and my needs!" Kelly E.

Awesome massage - great advice!
"Decided to get a couple of massages as part of my training. The massage was great, an experienced masseuse who knew what she was doing! I also got some great tips and recommendations for my training and awareness of how my body is responding to the stresses. Thanks, looking forward to going again!" Chris 

"Leslie is absolutely amazing for athletes. She has so much information on maintaining a healthy body. I dance 12+ hours a week, so for me it?s not just a stress reliever it?s to help my body continue to push while preventing injury. Such a professional!" Rylie Norby

More than massage
"From the moment I walked in, I knew that Leslie was the perfect person to address my needs. I was right. I have very specific localized issues and Leslie took plenty of time to ask the right questions, listen to my assessments and explain her plan of exploration and treatment. She has a very open mind and didn't jump to conclusions. After my session she encouraged me to seek perspectives from people of other areas of practice to help her give me better treatment next time."  Paul H.

Wonderful massage!
"Thanks Leslie for tuning into my body, mind and spirit and providing a session that addressed all that I needed to walk out feeling nurtured, physically rejuvenated and relaxed. "  Elisabeth K.

Leslie is caring and informative
"To preface, I have had neck problems for over three years from whiplash due to a car accident. It has been a struggle for me as I am only going into my second year of college yet I am not able to go a day without neck/back pain and stiffness. Leslie was very understanding of all this and my need for treatment that would finally help my pain. She talked through every action she made and also explained to me the mindbody and different energies that caused my bodies responses. Will be back."  Ashley Green

She gives me hope!
"Leslie has really addressed body, spirit and mind. I have been in Chronic pain for quite a while now and I am so grateful to have found her!"  Camille Nordwall

Neck/shoulder/headache pain relief
"Leslie has helped me so much with relief from pain/tension in my neck/shoulders/upper back. I had been dealing with the ongoing pain and accompanying dizziness for 5 years trying other modalities. So much relief. Thank you! " Kim V.

I never miss my massage!
"I had tremendous shoulder pain. Leslie worked diligently to relieve the pain. It took a few sessions, but she got it taken care of, and my shoulder feels great now. I see her routinely to make sure I don't end up back where I was, and her work is always amazing! " Karen H.

"I really should get in to see Leslie more often. I always feel so much better once I have had a massage with her. I have the typical shoulder neck pain that goes away after the massage. I have never been disappointed. It's worth the time and money to take care of yourself and Leslie is the perfect one to have help you. " A.H.

Must Have!
"Thank goodness for Leslie! She is helping me get back to health after a knee surgery and car accident. Highly recommend her!" Tracey E.

Awesome Massage!
"I don't get massages very often but I have to say, I have had more than one massage from Leslie and I am never disappointed...the whole experience is very enjoyable and beneficial for me. I would recommend her services to anyone needing/wanting an awesome massage." A.P.

Gifted Masseuse
"Leslie always listens to my concerns before starting the session. Her attention to detail is beyond compare. I never hesitate to recommend her to others."
Nancy P.

Healing Hands
"Leslie in one session has provided me the first glimpse of a pathway to healing. Leslie's wealth of knowledge and experience identified and decreased pain I am having in my knee. I am telling my friends about her professionalism and skill as well as looking forward to continued massages/treatments during my training schedule. I am happy to have options other than surgery. Thank you Leslie!!" Linda H.

Amazing Massage as Always!
"Leslie's massage / myofascial release techniques are second to none! I always leave feeling so much better, and so much more relaxed. These sessions are not just an indulgence for me, but a necessary treatment for tightness that could lead to other problems if not taken care of. Every time I come in, I feel like every tight spot - and quite a bit of stress - has been released." Darcie Wenner

"Leslie always gives the best massage. I walk out feeling much better than I did when I walked in. She always gives helpful tips on how to get stronger and info on making better health choices. I look forward to every appt!!!!" Margaret Montgomery

Best of the best!
"This is a massage/ body work that counts.... Targeted areas are worked to literally leave you pain free,really unbelievable . LESLIE'S knowledge on anatomy is impressive. A wonderful place to recharge and "visit". I almost don't want to write this review so I can keep Leslie all to myself. " C.V.

Relaxation and Pain Relief  "This was a perfect way to end my week and find some relief for the muscle pain in my lower legs and feet. Leslie's technique can ease and work out deep muscle pain, relieve stress, help one to relax or all of the above. She has a very friendly, relaxed and professional nature and invites you into a very cozy room where your massage begins and the world outside seems to fade away. If you to find a spot available in her busy massage schedule, grab it! " Elle

Energy In Motion...
"Leslie was attentive to my needs, and she did a great job fixing up all my problem areas. Her space was soothing and her demeanor was calming. I plan to use her services again. Thanks." John G.

VERY HAPPY! "I have problems with herniated discs in my back and neck, as well as a recently torn muscle in my shoulder (and other stuff, caused by a long life and multiple injuries in sports, etc.). Suffice it to say that after a massage by Leslie my pain level usually goes from a 9-10 to a 1-2, my torn muscle in my shoulder is healing rapidly and all is well, and my overall physical and mental health is much improved. I happily recommend Leslie to anyone who wants the very best." Richard Carsel

Leslie - true master of her craft "As a massage therapist myself, I set the bar pretty high and am very discerning about who I see for my bodywork. Leslie is truly a master of her craft and takes the art of therapeutic massage to lofty heights. Her presence, passion and skillful compassionate touch touch are obviously a result of many years of deep experience and a open caring heart. If you are looking for a truly extraordinary healing experience, indulge and honor yourself with some sacred time with Leslie. " Richard Leversee

Serious Mad Skills "I have had many, many massages and Leslie has serious mad skills: Intuition, knowledge, expert listener, care and concern. Bundle that up with her kind heart & quiet environment and you won't be disappointed. " J.K.

Just what I needed "Wonderful massage from a wonderful lady with a wealth of knowledge. I feel so much better after this massage I am booking more. A treat for myself that needs to happen more frequently." Tracey Edwards

Helpful Massage! "Leslie is a very insightful, intuitive care provider. In addition, she is professional and compassionate. I feel safe with her nurturing care and skillful massage technique and highly recommend Energy In Motion." Janet H.

Great Massage !! "Leslie is very professional. Kind and does a great job at making you feel comfortable. I am an RN and I usually help others but it sure was nice to get a gift certificate for this massage. I highly recommend energy in motion " Maggie S.

Massage after injury
"I have been recovering from a very bad hiking accident for 8 months. Leslie's massage did a wonderful job of loosening tight muscles and softening areas around scar tissue. Overall I experienced a major reduction in pain and improvement in mood. I'm not so mobile yet that I can go to Leslie's studio, so she came to my house. She even brought a little CD player so I could have relaxing music during the massage. Thanks a million, Leslie."  Kathryn Bumpass

Massage helped greatly
"Once again Leslie helped me out. Her knowledge is second to none, and she knows how to get me fixed up and back in the game! " Mike C.

Shoulder popping
"After seeing Leslie for my shoulder I have been able to reach behind my back further thenI have in a long time.. So grateful for her explaining what else was going on with my shoulder issue... Again thank you " Joyce Henderson

Focused "Leslie is knowledgable about muscles and body structure. She provides a thorough, focused, massage on the areas needing the most work.She is informative without being too detailed and talkative. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a straight-forward massage experience." Tim W.

Great Integration "I felt that the massage therapist took extra time to explain certain conditions for me, gave me supplemental information and gave me great directions on how to get home. I'm new to the area and got lost on the way to the apt. She worked on problem areas on my back and body and related the issues to possible events in the past." Debra Habr

Sports Massage "Always a great sports massage. Leslie does a good job reading the body and identifying causes of problems in addition to working on the pain areas." Gabe Garcia

Leslie is Great!
"Leslie has always been able to figure out what is going on with my body. I'm on the older side and she keeps me moving through my intense training. I don't know what I'd do without her." L.A.

Professional "I was lucky enough to schedule a Saturday appointment with Leslie. This was not my first time, but the massages are always relaxing and wonderful. I highly recommend it to any one needing a professional massage." Jean W.

Great Massage! "Leslie does a great job with both the physical massage and also energetic interpretation of what the body is telling us. It was helpful and relieving at the same time. Thank you!"  Zoe Wells N.D.

A Great Teacher "I have known Leslie and used her superior skills for over 5 years. She is so knowledgeable about anatomy as well as helping me take care of my body. She has taught me stretching exercises and suggested ways to help relieve tension and stress on muscles and tendons. Leslie is an excellent massage therapist, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to "just feel better." Pam Zirion

A True Experience "My expectations were far exceeded. Leslie provided me tools to completely soak in the full experience. I have had other massages, but she spoke with me first and the connection of my mind to my body changed this from just another massage to an incredible experience. Cant wait to go back!" Margaret Johnson

Pain Gone Overnight "I was afraid I would have to quit running for a week or more due to a pain along my knee. One visit with Leslie released the problem and I was running pain free the next day! Thanks Leslie" Laura Wulff-Garcin

Outstanding Massage "I am in a wheelchair and in constant pain. Leslie's ability to understand the working of the muscles and how they interrelate is tremendous. After a massage Leslie I am pain-free!I cannot imagine a better massage. I highly recommend Leslie" M.W.

Discouraged to Encouraged "There are so many great things to say about Leslie! She has amazing knowledge of the body and its mechanics and in addition is a very focused listener. After 1 session, and following-up with suggestions for warming-up and stretching, I was back to jogging without the tightness and pain I had been experiencing over a 2-month period. I shouldn't have waited so long! Thanks Leslie!" NE

"Another great experience with Leslie. All you have to do is explain where your pain is and she knows right where the trigger points are to get you back in the game!! " Jeff Saleen

"Leslie is a great masseuse. She really listens to what you want and to what your body needs. I often come with suggestions from my trainer and she works with that, too. I would (and have) recommended her to anyone who needs a good thorough massage." BJM

"Excellent deep tissue massage. Leslie really knows how to find and focus attention on the trouble spots in the body. I wish I had found Leslie years ago and will definitely go back to see her again." Kasey B.

"I was impressed with her ability to work with my time frames and how quickly I received a response. Leslie is very knowledgeable about a runner's body and has the ability to find the trouble spots that need to be worked on. Typically I have always asked for more pressure, but she began by asking what pressure felt right and continued to make adjustments accordingly. It was the perfect amount at all times. My legs feel rejuvenated for my upcoming marathon. I highly recommend her. "  A. Rollinger

I sought out Leslie's help with injuries resulting from a marathon. The next day, I was able to run without pain. She is very knowledgeable and understanding regarding the psychology of athletes and those of us who depend on our athletic endeavors for peace of mind! Dr Nicole Vito

"As a Chiropractor, I have worked with, and been worked on by, many massage therapists. Leslie is definitely one of the best. Her knowledge of anatomy and current treatment techniques is top of the line. Highly recommended for sports - specific care." Troy Smith DC

After a serious auto accident in which I crushed my vertebrae, I trust very few massage therapists. Leslie is the exception. She is highly knowledgeable and spot on with her advice. More than once, she's eased a painful malady for me whether back, neck, arm or leg. She's the best.  Rochelle Reed

"I had been suffering from Sciatic pain (for 4 months) running down my lower back, through my leg to the bottom of my foot. With one visit, Leslie helped diagnosed the problem, pinpointed the problem and put me back on the road to recovery. Thank you Leslie!"  Keith Morris

"Leslie Cotham is simply the best! Her understanding of the body and the matenience needs of an athlete are extraordinary. As a dance instructor and dancer, I use my body as my instrument. Leslie has helped me get through many dance performances and work out dance injuries. She's the ultimate professional, and always wants the best results and health for her clients. Thanks Leslie for your expertise and for your help in keeping my body moving pain free!" Michelle E.

"I've been going to Leslie for years for every conceivable sports injury and have always been impressed with her knowledge and skills. The setting is tranquil and relaxing and the body work is the best." Roy B.

I hadn't had a massage from Leslie in at least 4 years. How glad I am that I found her again! Yes, she is gifted in her skills but I found that I truly appreciated her calm, positive spirit and caring manner. I look forward to many more sessions.  Patricia F.

I have a regular masseuse. However, I must admit I cheated on her with Leslie and you know what? I don't feel guilty. An hour and a half with Leslie is an hour and a half in heaven.  Mike R.

"As a physical therapist I know there are so many benefits to help in healing that one can get from a massage. I use Leslie for myself and refer my patients knowing they are getting the best the central coast has to offer. She is well educated, professional and experienced. She has a good understanding of the body and how it works. I highly recommend Leslie and know she will give all her patients the very best care. Thank you Leslie." Karen Empey, Creekside Physical Therapy - San Luis Obispo   

"Leslie is an exceptional massage therapist. As a chiropractor, I always look for therapists interested in improving the lifestyles of their clients. Leslie is on my short list of massage therapist that I will refer to without hesitation." Sandy Sachs, D.C  SLO Wellness Center - San Luis Obispo

"Not only did Leslie work out a myriad of issues in my legs and feet, but she taught me as she went along. I learned a lot about my fascia and connective tissue that will inform my training when I get back to full health. Thanks, Leslie!"    Sheryl Collmer

"Leslie was extremely knowledgeable and personable throughout my appointment. She showed me ways to continue treatment of a severe neck strain on my own at home, and on day two, it has virtually disappeared. She also took time to give me advice on how to help my husband with a jaw injury. I am so glad to have found such a skilled professional in the area and will definitely be going back!" A.H.

Leslie is wonderful! Not only is she knowledgeable and thorough, but she is a true advocate for wellness and recovery...even if the truth *hurts*! A can't wait to return to her to continue my transformation! She's a vital member of my "pit crew" for AIDS LIFECYCLE 2011! Thank you Leslie!
Casandra Medina

"I went with a slight muscle pull, and got more than I bargained for; a great massage, and a better understanding of my muscles and what I could expect over the next few weeks as I slowly pull my muscles back into shape." John Clements

"My massage with Leslie felt great. She addressed the tightness in my neck and shoulders that I had come in for, but also showed me some stretches to incorporate into my exercise. She has a wealth of knowledge to draw from and is so willing to take the time to share with you."              
Inga Swearingen
"Experienced my first massage with Leslie- she demonstrated a vast knowledge of body mechanics and physiology whilst providing an entirely soothing, healing combination of total body massage techniques that targeted my lower back issues. Lovely ambiance, to boot..."               
Patricia Kaspian, French Touch Salon - San Luis Obispo
"Leslie understands athletes and their needs very well. She takes the time to educate me on how to take care of the problem areas on a daily basis. I have had many massages over the years and Leslie is one of the best by far." Coach Liz, Central Coast Triathlon Club
"In dealing with chronic illness, massage helps me with pain relief, as well as detoxifying my system. Leslie has been very helpful in this process. This last massage left me feeling renewed, refreshed and cleansed." Rita Conway
"From the moment I booked my appointment, it is apparent that Leslie's care and concern for her clients is a top priority. Although my initial contact was via Genbook, a special request was followed up with a personal call. Personal needs are addressed before the massage begins. Leslie's massage was rejuvenating. I walked out of her office feeling absolutely relaxed but energized! Indulge yourself - you will be glad you did!!"  Jane S.
"I've had a neck and a lower back problems for years. With Leslie's professional knowledge, magic hands and emotional support I feel so much better! THANK YOU !!!"  T.C.
"Leslie knows what she's doing and she does it well. Had me back running after one session. I had been out for about 2 weeks with a calf strain (from running) prior. Highly recommended"   Troy Smith DC 
"Leslie is a wonderful massage therapist. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the body and her thoroughness and care she put into working out the kinks. She really took the time to be comprehensive and work deeply but in a gentle manner. I highly recommend  her."  Zoe Wells, ND San Luis Obispo
"Leslie Cotham is an exceptional healthcare provider. Massage therapy is an integral and regular part of my health care maintenance and Leslie is the best I have encountered (and I have had massages for more than 20 years). Her expertise and knowledge in massage has helped reduce my stress level, healed my sports injuries faster and slowed my brain down for an hour and a half of bliss (no thinking) while relaxing to soothing music. Leslie Cotham is caring and attentive and I highly recommend her as a massage therapist and a regular health care provider."  Heather Hellman, Get Off The Couch Potato Sports Productions - San Luis Obispo 
"Leslie you are a treasure! I started seeing you after recovering from shingles and decided that the massage I received had made such a difference to my general well-being that regular, and ongoing massage appointments seemed like a relaxing and beneficial way to stay healthy. My visits to other health practitioners are much less frequent and I appreciate your professional, caring consideration at all times. I recommend you to all my friends - just make sure you still have time to see me as a regular and very satisfied client." HM 
"After 2 major back surgeries and many health issues, I discovered that regular massage with Leslie has improved the quality of my daily life. She has an innate sense of what needs to be done and has made an enormous difference is reducing the pain that used to be a daily problem. I have found her to be extremely accommodating to my busy schedule and enjoy her professionalism, kindness and enthusiasm for her work." NM                                                                                                  



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