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Touch For Health Energy Balancing

What is Touch for Health Energy Balancing?
The Touch For Health system blends Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridians), with a Western Kinesiology (muscle testing) approach to gather information from the body's energy system in order to restore balance of the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of the Touch for Health System include:

  • Balance of - Posture. Attitude. Energy
  • Relief from - Aches. Pains. Dysfunction
  • Release from - Emotional Stress due to: Past/current trauma. Preparing for future events. End of life. among many other things that cause stress...
  • Support/Management for Mental Health conditions such as - Anxiety, BiPolar Disorder and ADD/ADHD etc...
  • Improvement of Function - Muscles. Brain. Immune System  
  • Support for Optimal Performance and Over-all Wellness

I've been studying bodymind and energy connections to health and wellness dysfunction for several years, drawing from my own health and body experiences with an intense curiosity. Because of this, I became motivated to seek out ways to learn and bring into my bodywork practice so that I may help others connect with the deeper causes of their body dysfunction and dis-ease. With Touch for Health Energy Balancing, I have found a proven approach that connects to those deeper causes of physical dysfunction in order to be more helpful in stimulating the healing process.

I still believe in the power of therapeutic touch, but this approach is a perfect compliment to my existing work.

I will be offering Touch for Health sessions separate from massage sessions, but also as a combination energy/massage session. For a limited time, I will be offering a 25% discount on FIRST-TIME appointments. To book a session, please click HERE